Eat4Weightloss – A New Way Forward

  • Do you need help losing weight?

  • Have you tried fad diets but put the weight back on, and more?

  • Is your current weight loss plan not working for you and you’d like to know why?

  • Are you confused as to the best approach?

  • Would you benefit from motivation and support?

One-to-One Weight Management Support

Eat4Weightloss is a 1:1 weight management service to help you achieve your ideal weight and feel great. Your personalised weight loss plan will be based on Paleo, Mediterranean diet and low glycaemic load principles, which have scientific research behind them, and will be tailored to fit your lifestyle and food preferences. The plans work equally well for meat-eaters, vegetarians or vegans alike. 

No Crash Diets!

There is no ‘dieting’ involved, as many diets are not sustainable and crash diets can actually interfere with our delicate hormone balance contributing to further weight gain over the long-term. Eating should be pleasurable as well as nourishing and a healthy relationship with food is encouraged.

Address the Cause

Another factor in the failures of many traditional diets is that they do not address underlying causes of weight gain. Here at Eat4Weightloss your nutrient intake, metabolism, lifestyle, activity levels are all taken into account and any factors that may be contributing to weight gain, like hormonal balance and stress levels, are addressed. Drivers for fat storage, inflammation and other metabolic markers (known risk factors for other chronic diseases) are also targeted, if applicable.

DNA Testing

Recent research has highlighted the role our individual genetic variations may play in how we respond to various foods, including how well we metabolise sugar and fats, our tendencies for specific food cravings, how efficiently our liver detoxification pathways work, as well as the best type of exercise for weight loss.  Now it is possible to test for specific genetic predispositions and receive a personalised report to address the findings including targeted recommendations to help you achieve your optimal health, weight and wellbeing goals. Call the clinic if you’d like to find out more about DNA Testing and how it can work for you.

Each weight-loss plan is unique

Just as each of my clients is unique, with their own story, likes and dislikes, values and beliefs so is each weight loss plan. Your plan will be devised to address your own weight loss goals, preferences, motivation and key nutritional needs. 

You are in control

I help you design the programme that will work for you and help you unlock your own potential and put you back in control.

Eat4Wellbeing 2 Week Recharge

I also run regular 'recharge' plans to help kick start a healthier lifestyle. You will receive an information pack with the key principles, menu planners, recipe ideas and tips on how to stay on the plan. The recipes are all gluten-free but this is not a 'diet' with calorie counting - just healthy eating focusing on great ingredients and plenty of vegetables. There are options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. You have the option to join a closed WhatsApp group with other 'rechargers', for support and answers to questions that come up - it can really help to know you are following the plan with others. Do contact me for availability on the next programme.

What Jo’s clients say about weight loss with Eat4Weightloss

Thank you Jo, it was great to have your support and I liked the way we focused on what I should eat rather than what I shouldn’t. It made it seem less like a diet. Happy with 3 kg weight loss.
— Sarah, Hove
Just wanted to say thanks for sorting this program out for me. I have lost the weight I wanted to lose, felt great and energetic - will take a lot of what I have learnt about what suits me as an individual away with me. I also got my period this week and didn’t even know! I usually feel sluggish, crampy, bloated, irritable and crave sugar - had none of it! Thanks so much Jo
— Kate, Brighton
I have tried many diets in the past but none lasted and I always felt like cheating. This time I feel in control and not like I’m dieting. I don’t crave foods or feel rebellious like I have before. I’m so pleased with the results.
— Sarah, Hove
As a woman in her late 40s, despite exercising I have struggled to lose weight and have stayed a size 12-14 for years. I have also suffered from bloating but could never nail the cause of it. During a recent holiday I piled on an extra half stone and knew that drastic action was needed.

On my return I started the Eat4Wellbeing 2 week detox programme in the hope of losing some of the excess. I can honestly say the results were amazing! I managed to lose all of the excess weight by the end of the 2 weeks.

I have kept to the key principles and have largely cut out dairy and wheat from my diet. Four weeks on from the end of the 2 week detox I have lost a further half stone and the bloating has also disappeared! I feel lighter, healthier and happier and haven’t really had to make many sacrifices so don’t feel like I have deprived myself. I would definitely recommend the Eat4Wellbeing detox programme to anyone struggling to lose weight and to those suffering from bloating.
— Sharon, Brighton