Nutrition and Mental Harmony

Everyday Stress

We increasingly live fast-paced lives and have many demands on us from work, family or financial pressures. Often we don’t seem to have time for rest and leisure time. This can all put the pressure on and for some lead to anxiety, tension, irritability, frustration, worry or hopelessness.

It is easy to make dietary choices that contribute and reach for stimulants – often the more stressed we feel the greater the cravings for sweet or fatty foods and the need for that pick me up. However these foods may not be providing the body with the best nutrition.

Support is at hand:

An inspiring nutrition programme, designed with ease and availability of foods in mind, is the first step.

Exploring underlying contributory factors, for example, supporting a balanced stress response, may also be relevant.

Identifying and reducing environmental stressors, which maybe detrimental to health, is key alongside increasing the resilience of body systems.

Nutrigenomics may also be really helpful. DNA testing can reveal your own genetic tendencies for neurotransmission and methylation (a key metabolic process that helps, amongst other functions, the detoxification of excess neurotransmitters). Then supporting your gene expression with relevant nutrient co-factors to improve emotional stability.