Improve your performance naturally

Improve energy levels, performance and stamina whether you train for fun, health or competition.

  • Are you training for a specific event?

  • Has your fitness plateaued despite upping your training or would you benefit from nutrition advice to help reach the next level?

  • Are you experiencing poor immune function?

  • Are you struggling to sleep or suffering from increased stress levels?

  • Is training affecting your digestion? Are you feeling bloated or experiencing upset stomach?

  • Would you benefit from advice on what and when to eat during your busy work and training schedule?

  • Would you like to check your nutritional status and/or adrenal & hormone health?

  • Would you like to understand how your genetic predispositions might affect your performance as well as what training / nutritional support is ideal for you?


The right nutrition is key to provide fuel whether you are exercising to improve fitness or training and competing in specific events to ensure optimal performance and recovery. It is also key to help prevent injury and manage a healthy stress response so that other key areas of health are maintained.

Functional and Diagnostic Testing available 

see How Appointments Work for more information on tests availble

While training for my first marathon I found I was waking in the night and really hungry all the time. Jo looked at my food intake and training schedule and recommended simple changes to what I was eating and how to ensure I properly replaced the energy I was burning during my training. It made such a difference! I feel stronger and fitter than ever
— Kristian, Hove