Eat4Wellbeing Clinic Times and Locations 

Consultations at Boyne House Clinic, Brighton (how to find Boyne House Clinic) Or by Skype / telephone

Tuesday 2-7pm, Wednesday 11am-5:30pm and Thursday 10am-5pm  

Consultations at Grey Door Therapy Clinic, Hove (how to find Grey Door Therapy Clinic)

Monday 2-8pm

Fees for Eat4Wellbeing Appointments


FOLLOW UP CONSULTATION (30-40 mins) £50.00

TELEPHONE CHECK-IN (10-15 mins) £15.00


DISCOUNT PACKAGE ONE (Initial consultation and 2 follow ups) £175.00

DISCOUNT PACKAGE TWO (Initial consultation, 2 follow ups and 2 telephone check-ins). Ideal for a weight loss programmes or if you would benefit from additional support  £205.00


You will receive a written health optimisation plan after your consultation including dietary, lifestyle, and if appropriate, supplementation recommendations as well as additional support material like menu ideas, recipes and information sheets. Email support to answer quick questions between consultations is included in the above prices.

Functional Testing is available, charged separately, and includes:

  • stool testing & microbiome analysis for digestive health

  • SIBO test (hydrogen and methane lactulose breath test)

  • urinary assessment of amino acids, organic acids, and oxidative stress

  • urinary adrenal function

  • urinary hormone analysis

  • urinary or blood thyroid assessment

  • nutritional profiles

  • toxic metal profile

  • CV health panels including homocysteine

  • DNA testing

see How Appointments Work for more information

Telephone/Skype Consultations

If you are unable to come to Brighton for your consultation then we can speak on the phone or by Skype. However face-to-face consultations are always preferable for the initial consultation.