Optimise Your Energy and Wellbeing

One of the most common complaints my clients come to me with is feeling tired and lacking in energy. Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of many subclinical conditions as well as the result of stress from modern 21st century living.

Why you might feel tired

How our bodies maintain energy levels is a highly complex process and a number of different contributory factors may be worth exploring. One of the key factors is often psychological stress (whether real or perceived), which can result in lowered energy levels and an inability to adapt to stress over the long term. Supporting the body’s stress response and making simple changes to lifestyle can be really helpful here.

Lack of adequate sleep or poor sleep quality is another major influencing factor often exacerbated by over-stimulation from TV, technology and our love of social media.

How good nutrition helps increase energy

Nutritionally there is plenty we can do to support energy production. One of the first places to start is often to balance blood sugar levels and reduce stimulants. Along with easy to follow dietary suggestions and increased activity, supplementation may useful to support insulin sensitivity. Optimizing nutrient intake may also be key.

However, in many cases a closer look at more complex contributory factors such as mitochondrial function, hormonal imbalances, sensitivities and allergies, viral, parasitic, yeast or bacterial infections and impaired digestion may be required.

Client Feedback for Jo Majithia and Eat4Wellbeing

Jo at Eat4Wellbeing is fantastic! The ultimate professional but also friendly and approachable. I participated in a two week detox program that Jo designed and I have also had a one-on-one consultation program to address my lack of energy levels. In both instances the programs, supplements and meal plans suggested by Jo were easy to follow and the support she provided through out made achieving my goals much easier. I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels and general sense of wellbeing. In addition, I feel I am now better equipped to make informed decisions about the right foods to eat and those that I should avoid based on the knowledge I have gained from Jo. I would recommend Jo and Eat4Wellbeing to anyone who wants to improve their diet, energy levels or just have a better understanding of how the food we eat affects us.
— Emma, Brighton
I consulted Joanna after feeling increasingly ill and resorting to the internet when no suggestions were forthcoming from conventional medicine. Joanna clearly understood every one of my symptoms and provided logical advice, a well organised programme of treatment and excellent support. After ten weeks I am fully recovered, and, as a bonus, have lost excess weight and got my blood sugar and blood pressure down!
— Mike, Mansfield
I have had low energy for the past 10 years as well as digestive problems, headaches and sinus problems. Jo has been very supportive over the past few months - my headaches have gone, my bloating is much better and I have more energy than I have had in ages. She was very patient and encouraging. I would definitely recommend her.
— Sue, Peachaven