Do you want to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace?

  • Do you want more energetic and focused staff?

  • Do you want to help your employees improve their wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and see increased productivity?

  • Do you need achievable solutions and straightforward advice?

  • Would you like to provide fun and informative workshops for staff to help them make better choices?

Wellness Workshop Series

Interactive workshops designed to offer practical solutions to eating well in the 21st century.

Themes covered include: How to Combat Stress; Optimising Digestion; Easy and Nutritious Lunch Options.

Workshop outcomes include improved energy, memory, mood, immunity and reduced stress.

Healthy Office Challenge

An interactive, goal-oriented workshop for the whole office, to include a 2 or 4 week healthy eating challenge, eg ditch the processed foods and replace with simple, healthy lunch ideas to help boost concentration, energy and weight management.

See how office workers in Brighton got on with the Snack Challenge, as shown on Channel 5, June 2018 (click on the image above)

See how office workers in Brighton got on with the Snack Challenge, as shown on Channel 5, June 2018 (click on the image above)

On-Site Private Consultations

Private one-to-one consultations for specific health concerns or goals – Initial one hour consultation with a follow up 4 weeks later


20-minute mini-consultations

Bespoke Services

Working with you and your staff to achieve your goals. If you have something specific in mind workshops and/or consultations can be tailored to suit your needs. Enquire via my contact page

Clients include: 

  • Sally Gunnell's Corporate Wellbeing Programme

  • Channel 5

  • Grovelands, Brighton

  • Vitality Works Health Coach Project, Herstmonceux

  • Wealdon Council

  • University of Brighton

Feedback from Eat4Wellbeing Workshops

Very informative session on how to eat to help relieve stress. Thank you Jo. 10/10
— T
Extremely interesting & very practical information - will try to incorporate into my regular diet. 10/10
— H
Really helpful advice for me and my daughter. Thanks Jo
— L
Good. Holistic. Thought provoking. 9/10
Informative. Brilliant. Really helpful 10/10
— K
Jo was lovely and the workshop was really engaging. I learnt a lot
— S
It was really informative, easy to understand and relatable

Simple information/hints that you could instantly put into practice. I.e. the cold pasta/rice/potato scenario. A revelation!

Clear slides in the presentation.

Friendly speaker.
— K
The information about how sugar has a large impact on our wellbeing and how much sugar was in foods was brilliant. It was great to learn how to avoid the peaks and troughs of sugar intake.
— C

School Workshops for Staff, Parents and Children (age 4-11)

Staff workshops include eating well during the busy school day and how to reduce stress and boost immunity. Parents workshops focus on healthy packed lunches and feeding the family. Children’s workshops cover the importance of 'Eating a Rainbow', 'The Wonderful World of your Super Hero Gut Bugs’ and how to keep them healthy, making a healthy lunch box and tasting fruit and vegetables.

Feedback for the School Workshops for Staff, Parents and Children

In the nutrition activity, we played a game where we had to spin a spinner and whatever colour it landed on, we had to think of a fruit or vegetable of that colour. If it landed on the junk food, our whole group had to do 5 star jumps!
— Mason, aged 7
We tried lots of different coloured foods - green celery and sugar snap peas, orange carrots, red pepper, blue blueberries and white melon! I like the blueberries the best. We should try to eat a rainbow of food.
— Isabel, aged 8
We learnt that it is only good to have a little bit of sugar a day. If you are 7-10 years old (like me), you are only allowed up to 6 sugar cubes a day. If you are 4-6 it’s only 5! If you are over 11 you can have up to 7 cubes. A large McDonalds milkshake has 17 cubes of sugar in it!! That’s too much even for grown ups!
— Albert, aged 9