Reviews and client comments for Jo Majithia and Eat4Wellbeing.

Jo has been very informative and helped me sort out a long term gut health issue. She is very knowledgeable and supportive.
— Fran, Haywards Health
My digestion is so much better, I’m really pleased I did the testing you recommended and the plan you gave me has been easier to follow than I thought. Thank you so much Jo.
— Caroline, Hove
Jo has been so helpful, supportive and caring throughout my sessions. She has made me feel at ease and I’ve been able to talk about several different symptoms I was suffering from.

The advice she has given has really helped improve my lifestyle as it’s made a massive improvement to my symptoms. I can’t thank her enough for her help.
— Gemma, Brighton
I came to Jo seeking help with issues regarding my digestion and hormonal imbalance. Jo was very helpful giving me lots of advice on what foods could be causing these issues and was able to accommodate my particular dietary requirements easily.

She also recommended some great food supplements that have made a really big difference. I am so grateful for Jo’s help as after months of feeling awful I am finally back on track and feeling healthy. I will definitely go back to Jo if I have any other issues in future.
— Maria, Brighton
I have tried many diets in the past but none lasted and I always felt like cheating. This time I feel in control and not like I’m dieting. I don’t crave foods or feel rebellious like I have before. I’m so pleased with the results.
— Sarah, Hove
Jo’s suggestions really helped with my menopausal symptoms – I feel like a new woman now
— Carmel, Brighton
I consulted Joanna after feeling increasingly ill and resorting to the internet when no suggestions were forthcoming from conventional medicine. Joanna clearly understood every one of my symptoms and provided logical advice, a well organised programme of treatment and excellent support. After ten weeks I am fully recovered, and, as a bonus, have lost excess weight and got my blood sugar and blood pressure down.
— Mike, Mansfield
I have had low energy for the past 10 years as well as digestive problems, headaches and sinus problems. Jo has been very supportive over the past few months - my headaches have gone, my bloating is much better and I have more energy than I have had in ages. She was very patient and encouraging. I would definitely recommend her.
— Sue, Peacehaven
I went to see Jo after a friend recommended her because I had a series of fairly non specific issues including bloating, headaches and hormonal problems.

Jo’s approach was to ask me lots and lots of questions before suggesting some immediate tweaks whilst awaiting for some test results. Jo was very holistic and extremely knowledgeable so was able to help with the digestive issues as well as recommending ways to relax and advising how nutrition can impact hormones. Upon receipt of the results Jo gave me a structured eating plan along with some supplements and within just a few weeks I felt fantastic – the bloating gone and menstrual cycle regulated.

I now have a plan to take me forward into the future as well as a new approach to diet and more understanding of the impact it has on all sorts of things. This is all down to Jo who has been fantastic. She’s really easy to talk to and clearly knows her stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others – in fact she attended my company’s well-being day and carried out a series of mini consultations for employees which was very positively received!
— Helen, Brighton
Just to let you know I lost 6 pounds in the two weeks - have loved doing it - I’m keeping it up, it’s given me the motivation to keep going until I get to my target weight. Feel so much healthier too. Loved your asian slaw and fish curry - they are new weekly recipes in our house!
— Lizzie, Brighton
I feel more energised and friends have noticed I’ve lost a bit of weight, which is a nice bonus! So, all in all, a BIG thank you for nudging me in the right direction. I appreciated your knowledgable and permissive approach.
— Rachel, Brighton
I have suffered with bloating and constipation for many years and had tried various diets without success. Jo was recommended to me and she arranged some tests for me to find out what was wrong. I followed a diet and supplement plan and started to feel better within a few weeks. I can now wear jeans and tight trousers without looking 6 months pregnant! I feel so much better.
— Julie, Brighton
Just wanted to say thanks for sorting this program out for me. I have lost the weight I wanted to loose, felt great and energetic - will take a lot of what I have learnt about what suits me as an individual away with me. I also got my period this week and didn’t even know! I usually feel sluggish, crampy, bloated, irritable and crave sugar - had none of it! Thanks so much Jo
— Kate, Brighton
As a woman in her late 40s, despite exercising I have struggled to lose weight and have stayed a size 12-14 for years. I have also suffered from bloating but could never nail the cause of it. During a recent holiday I piled on an extra half stone and knew that drastic action was needed.

On my return I started the Eat4Wellbeing 2 week detox programme in the hope of losing some of the excess. I can honestly say the results were amazing! I managed to lose all of the excess weight by the end of the 2 weeks.

I have kept to the key principles and have largely cut out dairy and wheat from my diet. Four weeks on from the end of the 2 week detox I have lost a further half stone and the bloating has also disappeared! I feel lighter, healthier and happier and haven’t really had to make many sacrifices so don’t feel like I have deprived myself. I would definitely recommend the Eat4Wellbeing detox programme to anyone struggling to lose weight and to those suffering from bloating.
— Sharon, Brighton
Jo at Eat4Wellbeing is fantastic! The ultimate professional but also friendly and approachable.

I participated in a two week detox program that Jo designed and I have also had a one-on-one consultation program to address my lack of energy levels. In both instances the programs, supplements and meal plans suggested by Jo were easy to follow and the support she provided through out made achieving my goals much easier.

I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels and general sense of wellbeing. In addition, I feel I am now better equipped to make informed decisions about the right foods to eat and those that I should avoid based on the knowledge I have gained from Jo.

I would recommend Jo and Eat4Wellbeing to anyone who wants to improve their diet, energy levels or just have a better understanding of how the food we eat affects us
— Emma, Brighton